Ogena Solutions


Having the exclusive rights to sell the ‘OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier’ powered by Puraclenz, Ogena requires a go-to-market strategy that encompasses observing the potential size of the market, competitors, and defining their target audience. This information will be used to determine the promotional strategy, including which elements of the promotional mix should be used to reach the target audiences along with the tone and messaging to be effective.


To develop a strategy and understand the potential within target markets for Ogena Solutions, the team worked on discovering the trends in air purification and air ionization to understand how to best put them into recommendations.

This included a detailed analysis of competitors, a look at the impact of COVID-19 on the attitudes of consumers and the regulations for businesses and an exploration of market constraints. Reviewing everything allowed for the development of the target audiences and recommendations of their key pain points in order to develop targeted campaigns.

The promotions strategy focused on the B2B engagement points for Ogena Solutions. Understanding how to tell the story of how the product can best fit into the needs and requirements of each target audience allows for cohesive campaigns and an organizational system to plan this provides savings in terms of efficiency. Recommendations were made for a content planning system which incorporated the sales team’s knowledge. A media and events strategy were outlined for Ogena Solutions to reach more niche target audiences and for the salesforce to have the opportunity to talk to the unique benefits of the Ogena system as opposed to competitors.