PH Canada Company


PH Canada Company has been a leader in the pizza space for decades, many have nostalgia for their in-person restaurants and all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. Times have changed and so have consumers, wanting to focus in on the next powerhouse generation; Generation Z (Gen Z), they have turned to us for primary market research to gain insights on what the typical Gen Z consumer wants. A mix of survey and focus groups will be needed to gain both the quantitative and qualitative feedback to guide future decision making for the firm.


To dive deeper into the insights among Generation Z, focus groups were planned, organized, and executed to garner qualitative information on their brand awareness and pizza purchasing habits. These findings were summarized into themes of key learnings. From the information garnered from the focus groups, a survey questionnaire specifically addressing PH Canada Company brand awareness, buying habits, attitudes and behaviours were delivered to a larger population of Generation Z participants. This information was analyzed to provide key findings and recommendations to PH Canada Company.