Painted Turtle Pottery Studio


Productivity Assessment Program


The Painted Turtle Pottery Studio, based in St. Catharines, is a go-to facility for friends, family, and groups to get involved in the arts and crafts movement. It is popular for groups, both young and old, to explore their creative sides in a fun and inviting atmosphere. The company houses many ceramic pieces, canvases, and most recently installed a clay-baking kiln, which provides the materials and supplies necessary to carry out painting and pottery-making. While the company recently moved to its current location for its increase in space, it once again finds itself in a similar situation where it requires more.


The productivity team from the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre was able to visit this facility and identify key areas for improvements, including facility layout, inventory management systems, and visual lean manufacturing tools. The facility was not leveraging clever organization techniques and systems, thereby wasting a significant amount of space. The innovation team was also able to identify safety issues related to overstocked and unsecure shelving units. With the implementation of recommendations related to space and organization, the company will be able to clear space to expand the number of patrons it sees on a daily basis.