Pepper North Artisan Foods

Pepper North Artisan Foods


Pepper North is a Canadian hot sauce company, who has secured distribution in all major grocers in Canada, being listed in 50% of grocery stores across Canada. Finding success as an early entrant to the now explosive hot sauce market with a boost from being featured on the YouTube Series Hot Ones. This market has had explosive growth, but with that has also seen an increase in Canadian hot sauce brands. The barriers to entry are low in this market, to continue to compete, a re-brand has taken place. Run by Ana and Drew, and husband and wife duo; Ana responsible for Business Development and most operations, Drew takes on Innovation and supports operations as well.

They have accomplished great success, looking to further penetrate the market with the brands they have, and in the future expand into new innovations, they have looked to the Business and Commercialization Innovation Centre, to help refine strategy; specifically building target market profiles, and promotional strategy. Support in their media collateral, product photography, social media, and ad development. The goal of this project is to establish strong brand awareness and drive sales to existing distribution channels.


Secondary Research was completed to identify target markets and the promotional strategy needed to reach those markets. A combination of qualitative and quantitative data was used. Two key markets were identified, which outlines their demographics, geographics, psychographics and behavioural traits. The promotional strategy identified which channels to utilize, content pillars to focus on for social media, tone, and messaging to be used. Original content was planned an executed for social channels, totalling over 35 videos, including animation, photography for Amazon strategy, original recipe creation with accompanying video, photography and blogs.