St. Brigid’s Creamery

St.Brigid's Creamery


St. Brigid’s Creamery has a distribution network, and direct to consumer sales channels, but in their desire to grow, support in their market research and marketing strategy is needed. This will support their optimal position in the Canadian marketplace. The Research and Innovation team is proposing a review of the marketplace, competitive analysis, target market identification, product positioning for their single source butter growth. 


The BCIC research team utilized secondary research to uncover industry statistics in both the broader dairy market, and more granular butter market. Additionally, consumption habits, buyer behaviours were uncovered to support aligning the strategy with market insights. A competitive analysis from the consumer perspective was completed, to understand what is on the market, how businesses are positioning themselves to aid in understanding how St. Brigids can position themselves in the market. Finally, a Target market identification exercise was completed, utilizing the previous completed research to guide the best markets to target. Further information was uncovered through secondary research to understand who the target customers are on a psychographics, and behavioural traits analysis. This resulted in two defined target markets for St. Brigids to craft their promotional strategy. strategy, original recipe creation with accompanying video, photography, and blogs.