Pet food line ready for market distribution

Niagara Pet Nutrition Inc

Niagara Pet Nutrition has been working to develop a line of pet food meant for export to the China market. The Covid-19 Pandemic has created obstacles in entering this market in a timely manner and they are looking to better understand the Canadian market to see if pursuing this market would be beneficial. In understanding the landscape of the market, they also need to understand if their current brand would resonate with the Canadian market and if so what market in Canada. Help to understand what their position would be against competitors would need to be completed.


Niagara College’s Research and Innovation (R&I) team has committed to investigating and delivering market research on three geographical locations as opportunities for entry for Niagara Pet Nutrition. Namely: Canada, United States, Mexico.

R&I will deliver the following as part of this strategic support package – per the agreed upon workplan:

• Environmental Scan & Competitive Scan

• Target Market Identification

• Distribution Strategy

• Branding Review

• Promotional Strategy Recommendations


Funding: RBC Funded