Wine Box


Wine Box was looking to bring unique wines not sold in the LCBO as well as the convenience of shipping wine to your home, to create an at home wine experience for Ontarians. Run through a restaurant, market research is needed to understand who the market would be catering to. Looking for information on demographics, psychographics, what price range market will be comfortable with and how to build a positive brand relationship with customers. A value proposition and promotions plan strategy is needed to reach the outlined customer.


By conducting a detailed analysis of the Canadian Wine and Subscription Box industry, as well as, environmental considerations, and relevant industry trends, the Research Center has compiled a thorough report to help guide The Wine Box identify opportunities, target clients and ways to engage them.

This report covers all the various stages necessary for The Wine Box to navigate target growth and expansion into Ontario homes. This report will provide The Wine Box with the information needed for the company to make informed decisions and better navigate the process of product growth.

Funding: RBC Future Launch