Business Marketing student Iris Lee recipient of entrepreneurship scholarship

Business Administration – Marketing student Iris Lee has captured NC’s spirit of entrepreneurship.

Lee, who is also a research assistant with the College’s Research and Innovation Team, was named recipient of the Gene Luczkiw Spirit of Enterprise scholarship at the 2018 Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards ceremony last week.

The Award provides $1,000 to one or more students in Niagara who demonstrate the spirit of enterprise, and can be used toward textbooks or other material, tuition, or other resources needed to help the student succeed.

In addition to furthering her educational aspirations in business, Lee said the scholarship also boosted her self-confidence, her passion for entrepreneurship, and will continue to drive her forward in becoming a successful marketer. She also hopes to help support and encourage other entrepreneurs and her community.

“When I found out that I won the scholarship, I was quite stunned and had to re-read the email describing that I was selected as a recipient,” said Lee. “I remember sharing the news with my friends, colleagues, professors, and the Niagara College Research & Innovation team. They’ve been my biggest supporters who unceasingly challenged me to do better and encouraged me at every step of the way.”

Lee also hopes to help spread the entrepreneurial spirit she’s been a part of at NC.

“Studying at Niagara College has offered me countless opportunities, developed my skills and stretched me immensely. I hope to inspire others to experience what Niagara College has to offer in the future and hope to contribute my skills ets and love for Niagara College in any way possible.”

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