Turning Barriers into Opportunities: Uniting for a Brighter 2023

In 2022, Niagara College (NC) was able to raise an incredible $60,000, resulting in a remarkable impact on our local community. We were able to:

  • • provide 1,000 students with nutritious food at school
  • • help 462 people secure stable, affordable housing
  • • provide 26 families with emergency shelter and full social support for 30 days
  • • provide mental health support to 831 people in crisis
  • • provide emergency shelter for 13 families experiencing homelessness

As the 2023 NC United Way campaign continues, the NC Cares team is asking the College community to work together to transform barriers into opportunities and continue our journey of positive change in our community!

There are 2 easy ways to give online:

Visit the NC Cares website to view all the upcoming United Way events.

With a goal of $50,000 towards the Niagara region’s overall goal, NC has reached nearly 70% to date ($34,340), with a few weeks left in the campaign. Consider donating today.