Business & Commercialization Innovation Centre

From initial market research to commercialization strategies, the Business & Commercialization Innovation Centre offers a full suite of solutions to make businesses more successful.

The team pairs industry partners with highly qualified and experienced staff researchers, faculty, recent graduates and students with the expertise to meet applied research and innovation needs in many areas, including market research, business strategies, primary research, media execution, promotional plans, and brand development.


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We Specialize In:

  • Market Research

    • Understanding the market you are entering
    • Understanding market size, growth factors, trends and consumers trends
    • Feasability studies to determine whether a concept is viable/profitable before investing
    • Research the business environment to understand how to position products/services in the market

    • Create comprehensive understanding of competitors, pricing, distribution, and marketing efforts needed
    • Support the development of core elements of a business strategy including defining your target market, brand positioning, pricing models, and distribution strategies

    • Clearly outline where to focus promotional efforts, messaging, and tone to use in promotional pieces, including social media plans
    • Help ‘level up’ your business by creating content packages that support your promotional plans
    • Develop marketing imagery or short and long form video

    • Develop and execute surveys and focus groups to gain insights from your customer base

    • Create branding for your business, including names, logos, and brand collateral

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