Research & Innovation featured on CKTB Newstalk Radio

The Marotta Family Innovation Complex was a hub of activity in the early hours of October 11, as Niagara College welcomed Newstalk 610 to the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus.

Students, staff and faculty who passed by the main lobby of the Complex from 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m., were welcomed by the sight of headset-clad radio hosts Tim Denis and Shelby Knox and the morning show’s guests of the day – many from Niagara College –  speaking into Newstalk 610 microphones addressing listeners tuning in from across the region and beyond.

The excitement was part of Niagara College’s participation in the station’s Business Trip, sponsored by Niagara Economic Development, which has been taking the Niagara in the Morning show on the road this fall highlighting different businesses in Niagara and discussing important issues. The October 11 segment focused on food and beverage manufacturing in Niagara.

President Dan Patterson joined a 30-minute roundtable discussion with Town of Lincoln CAO Mike Kirkopoulis. They spoke about the Marotta Family Innovation Centre, the important role of agribusiness in Niagara, the emerging cannabis industry. The discussion also focused on the vital role that Niagara College plays in the region and across the province – helping industries innovate, developing a highly-skilled workforce to meet demands of growing industries, and how NC’s Research & Innovation division is creating opportunities for students, for businesses and the economy.

“Food and beverage is going through an incredible revolution looking at the technology, and we’re focusing on food for the future; how do we ensure students get equipped with the right skills and knowledge how do we attract more business to Niagara, so it’s a pretty exciting time for the College,” said Patterson.

“Agrifood is so important to Niagara and all the research is suggesting that we are underperforming in that area. In other words, we should be doing a lot better at generating wealth. Hence the importance of a highly skilled workforce – that’s where Niagara College comes in.”

Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre manager Lyndon Ashton, and research assistant Shannon Sidney Wood, who is a student in the Culinary Food Innovation program, participated in the 30-minute roundtable, discussing research projects they have conducted for various industry partners, including Ravine Estate Vineyard, Reinhardt’s, Royal Canadian Mead and more.

Listen to the segment featuring Ashton and Wood (7:30 a.m.) here:

The show also welcomed Matt Bonanno, president and CEO of Iron Will Raw. The St. Catharines-based company became the first the first premium raw pet food manufacturer in Ontario and Eastern Canada to achieve Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certification, with help from Niagara College’s Research & Innovation Division.

Listen to the segment featuring Iron Will Raw (7:20 a.m.) here:

~ Julie Greco

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