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Hannala Group


Hannala Group is looking to bring an alcohol beverage to market this is a Korean style alcohol soju , Soju is low alcohol content that is a spirit (16-20%), grain based vodka. Believing a market exists for this product in the Canadian CPG’s marketplace, Hannala Group would like to pursue market research to get a better picture of the landscape of the market, including consumer behaviour trends in alcohol consumption. A competitive analysis of other soju or soju like beverages, target market identification to ensure during the product development stage, the consumer is in mind. Additional research on rules and regulations in on the Alcohol space (Ontario and Canada) 


Secondary Research was completed to uncover key trends/stats in the alcohol market with a focus on Soju.  Consumer Behaviour Analysis was carried out to understand consumption patterns and preferences in the beverage sector.  Rules and Regulations of Alcohol for Ontario have been analyzed and summarized, that are under the Liquor Board of Ontario (LCBO).  A detailed competitive analysis was completed to understand if any gaps exist in the marketplace and the current state of the market.  Target markets were developed to help Hannala understand who to target based on geographical, demographic, psychographic and behavioural traits.  


Funding: RBC Funded