Iron Will Raw Inc.

Iron Will Raw Pet Food

Food Safety and Traceability


Iron Will Raw is a manufacturer of high-quality, locally sourced raw pet food for dogs and cats. Their new production facility in St. Catharines is the first of its kind in the region for a raw pet food manufacturer, as it will allow them to achieve their goal to be an industry leader in meeting the highest possible food safety standards for this sector.


They partnered with the CFWI Innovation Centre to develop and implement a HACCP-compliant food safety program to ensure that food safety is the number one priority in their products, along with high-quality natural ingredients. After project completion, Iron Will formally received a food safety HACCP certification from HACCP Canada, which makes them the first raw pet food manufacturer in Ontario to achieve this internationally-recognized HACCP certification. Funding: NSERC and Niagara Region




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