Mixology Matt

Navigating the commercialization process


Mixology Matt has created a social media following by showing how to create high-end cocktails at home. Growing from social media to hosting corporate events and doing brand partnerships, Matt would like to bring his cocktail skills to the LCBO in a ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage. Matt needs to better understand the landscape of the RTD and spirits market including growth trends, flavour trends, target market, competitive analysis and promotion strategies. 


By conducting a detailed analysis of the spirits and RTD industry in Canada, as well as Mixology Matt’s capabilities, environmental considerations, and relevant industry trends, the Business & Commercialization Solutions team has compiled a thorough report to serve as a guide through the commercialization process successfully. Included in this report is an environmental scan of the spirit and RTD industry, a competitive analysis of Mixology Matt’s competition, a target market identification of key demographics, packaging trends and considerations and promotional strategies that can be utilized to grow the brand and social media presence. This report will provide Mixology Matt with the information needed to make informed decisions and better navigate the process of getting a spirit or RTD beverage onto LCBO or distillery shelves.


Funding: RBC Future Launch program