Pic’s Motor Clinic

Pic's Motor Clinic

Finding new solutions in digital marketing


Pic’s Motor Clinic is a family-owned distributor of outdoor power equipment that is located in Fonthill, Ont. Being the largest lawn repair/equipment company in the Niagara region, Pic’s Motor Clinic has achieved success with traditional advertising such as radio and brochures. However, understanding the need to evaluate the effectiveness of their current advertising methods and recognizing the change in advertising methods, Pic’s Motor Clinic turned to Niagara College to conduct an assessment of Pic’s Motor Clinic’s current marketing efforts and create a digital marketing plan for the future.


The Business & Commercialization Solutions team at the Research & Innovation division reviewed Pic’s Motor Clinic’s current advertising methods and analyzed the consumer data from the back-end of their website. In addition, a thorough competitive analysis was conducted using the Product/Price/Place/Promotion framework in order to identify the best practices of the industry. Based on the findings, the team defined the target market and outlined the promotional channels and tactics to reach the desired target market. Also, methods to measure advertising effectiveness were provided. Finally, a three-month social media content plan was developed.

Funding: Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) through the College Vouchers for Technology Adoption (CVTA) program.