Reinhart Foods Ltd.


Entering Hard Apple Cider Market



Recipe and New Product Development


Reinhart Foods Ltd. is a family business, with over 100 years of experience in delivering quality food products and superior service to North American markets. Originally established in Stayner, Ontario in 1910, producing apple products, Reinhart expanded into apple cider vinegar, and then into white, wine, malt, and other specialty vinegars. Reinhart is now Canada’s leading producer of vinegars, maraschino cherries, glace fruit, and a respected name in the baking ingredient and supply industry (coconut, dates, raisins, mincemeat, pie fillings).

This business expansion project was to develop and manufacture a unique hard cider beverage for the Ontario market, with intentions to export to the remaining provinces and the United States. Reinhart has significant experience in fermentation and capital intensive liquid-based manufacturing; however, they did not have the necessary experience or equipment to develop a world-class hard apple cider beverage.


The CFWI IC team developed a unique, commercially-marketable, hard cider product for Reinhart using 100% Ontario-grown apples. Reinhart’s Red Apple Light Cider, launched in May 2017, conforms to the company’s business expansion plan, which will take it to market using distribution channels within Ontario with a focus on LCBO sales, with the potential to also export within Canada and the United States.