Upcoming Events happening both on and off-campus

NC Cannabis Institute to host GrowON webinar

On April 20 from 12-1:30 p.m., the Niagara College Cannabis Institute is hosting a GrowON webinar featuring invited speaker Zamir Punja. Mr. Punja’s talk will focus on understanding and managing Hop Latent Viriod in cannabis.

GrowON is OMAFRA’s recurring greenhouse and controlled environment agriculture webinar series. Hosted by the OMAFRA greenhouse specialists, they bring listeners experts and advances in the field on a regular basis.

Hop Latent viroid (HpLVd) has emerged as a widespread infectious pathogen causing stunt disease on cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) that has severe economic impact through reduction in growth of affected plants and reduced cannabinoid production. Symptomology, spread, impact on THC and terpene production, and response of cannabis genotypes will be discussed. Presence of the viroid in different tissues, survival over time, and options for management are to be reviewed.

Those interested in listening in can register online at ONfloriculture.com.

Zamir completed MSc and PhD degrees in plant pathology from the University of California, Davis. He joined Campbell Soup Company and was Manager of plant biotechnology until 1989, when he left to join Simon Fraser University. Zamir’s research investigates the causes and management of plant diseases on vegetable and horticultural crops, and include the applications of plant biotechnology for disease management. His group is currently developing methods for identifying and managing new and emerging diseases of cannabis.

For more information on this webinar, email Sarah Jandricic, Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist at [email protected] or Sebastian Jacob at [email protected].


SIAL Pitch Competition comes to Toronto

Come May 9-11, Research & Innovation team members from our Food & Beverage Innovation Centre (FBIC) will sit on the jury of the Pitch Competition at SIAL Canada.

Ana Cristina Vega Lugo, PhD, Scientific Manager, FBIC, is the president/chair of the jury. In addition, Angela Tellez-Lance, PhD, a consultant for FBIC in food safety and risk analysis, is on the jury, as well as two FBIC Industry Advisory Committee members (Sheri Evans from Sobeys and Andrea Ramlogan from Jon Luca Quality Food Supplier) are on the judging panel.

The event is taking place at the Enercare Centre in Toronto.

The Pitch Competition allows start-ups to have their say.

SMEs that are looking to grow their business to the next level or need capital or industry expertise.

There are two categories: food or beverage, and packaging, technology, or services.

Those who participate have a chance to win many prizes including grant money, consultation hours from Niagara College, and booth space for SIAL Canada 2024.

In 2022, the winners were:

  1. Food and beverage category: BY2048
  2. Technology and service category: Prévu 3D 

For more information about the competition, contact Mélissa Charbonneau, Business Development Sales Manager, SIAL Canada at [email protected].