57th Annual Advanced Technology Think Tank (ATTT) Conference

The 57th Annual Advanced Technology Think Tank (ATTT) will be held at Niagara College’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre on June 6 & 7. The conference, with the theme, “Smart Manufacturing – Using Tomorrow’s Technology Today,” provides a forum for leading experts and specialists in productivity-enhancing technologies to meet and share. The conference will conclude with a tour of the Research & Innovation advanced manufacturing lab facilities.

The public is welcome to attend a special Advanced Technology Tabletop Trade Show on the evening of June 6. Advanced registration and tickets are needed for the full conference.

Co-founded in 1962 by renowned author, publisher and educator Steve Krar, the ATTT is an annual opportunity to share concepts and new technologies among fellow visionaries “to meet tomorrow’s challenges.” The focus has been on advanced manufacturing, advanced technology, advanced thinking, and education.

The ATTT Foundation is a non-profit educational board to help run ATTT and advance its educational principles. This year provides a special deal for students. As well, some students can attend the conference for free if they agree to work as interns at or before the conference.

The cost of the conference is $150 CDN per person, which includes the venue, equipment and conference meals, payable in advance. Participation in the trade show is an extra $150, but attendance is free and open to the public.

For more information or questions, contact Tom Gaasenbeek, ATTT Executive Director – [email protected].
For tickets, click here.