A Brotherly Bond Sharing More Than Just Genes

Brothers John and Jim Lambert are both alumni of Niagara College and nomination recipients of the prestigious Premier’s Award. Jim is also the Centre Manager at the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre at the Welland Campus.

While Niagara College celebrates its 50th anniversary, it’s also a great time for remembrances of things past: like the times that brothers John and Jim Lambert both graduated from the College and then each received a nomination for the prestigious Premier’s Award.

“Not sure if we are the only siblings to both have graduated from the college and also be nominated for the Ontario Premier’s Award,” wonders Jim.

The awards, administered by Colleges Ontario, celebrate greatness in every field and those who excel in innovations and add to the “prosperity of their community.”

Jim was first to graduate in 1983 from the Mechanical Engineering Technician (Drafting Design) program. And in 2008 he was nominated for the Premier’s Award in the Technology category. This is for individuals that are trailblazers in growing the culture and improving lives by creating innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

It’s only fitting then that after a 33-year engineering career with Bosch Rexroth Canada, Jim returned home to NC as the Centre Manager for the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre, a position he’s held since 2015.

His brother, who is 20 years into his career with the University of Buffalo, graduated from the Retail Management program in 1986 and in 2002 was nominated by the College in the business category for the Premier’s Award.

“We are so proud to be Niagara College alumni.”