Research Opportunity Fund

Timelines & Due Dates

Applying to the Research Opportunity Fun (ROF) is a two-stage process.

   1. Expression of Interest (EOI): Intake ongoing

   2. Full application: One month from time of approved EOI.

Proposals for funding will start with an Expression of Interest (EOI) application, which will be reviewed internally by R&I to ensure at least one or more of the goals of the ROF will be met by the project, and that the high-level timeline and proposed budget/expenses are acceptable.

Intake is ongoing throughout the year, with the response from R&I provided within 10 business days. Applicants will have an opportunity to improve or update the application based on input from R&I. They are strongly encouraged to talk to Research & Innovation staff  before applying. Please note: applicants may only conduct one ROF project at a time.

Once R&I has approved the EOI, the applicant will have one month to submit a Full Application to the ROF Review Committee for final evaluation. The Committee is chaired by the Vice-President, Research, Innovation & Strategic Enterprises, and is made up of representatives from across the College.


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For more information on the Research & Opportunity Fund, contact David DiPietro ([email protected]).