Rafael Almeida on his strategy for life

Niagara College Computer Programming student Rafael Almeida working on a project as a Research Assistant in the labs at the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre. The Niagara region has a particularly sentimental meaning for Rafael Almeida. When searching for a Canadian school to enrol in computer programming, it was the beauty of this region that …Continue reading »

Connecting more farmers to vital field data

The AETIC team is connecting SoilOptix data outputs via Application Programming Interfaces (API) to other popular agricultural software platforms, such as Climate FieldView and John Deere Operations Centre. Collaborating with agriculture technology innovators SoilOptix, researchers at Niagara College’s Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre (AETIC) are providing key application programming expertise that will help farmers …Continue reading »

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Marketing Research Assistant position available with our Research & Innovation team

Marketing Research Assistant The Marketing Research Assistant will work on a number of applied research projects assisting small and medium sized businesses to solve real-world problems relating to operations management, sales, and marketing. The successful candidate will work individually and as part of a team to complete project deliverables. Some duties and responsibilities include development …Continue reading »

POSITION AVAILABLE: Computer Programmer Research Assistant position available with our Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre team

Computer Programmer Research Assistant The successful candidate will work with the Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre team at the Welland Campus. The work includes programming, testing and troubleshooting of agricultural data management and mapping web software. The position could involve development of web/cloud/IoT services, and helping to develop robotics technology. You will work with …Continue reading »

Niagara College’s Research & Innovation division to create Greenhouse Technology Network

NC’s Marc Nantel, PhD, vice-president of research, innovation and strategic initiatives, addresses local politicians, industry representatives and Niagara community members at a special announcement at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus Sept. 3. NC will receive $5 million in FedDev Ontario funding to create a new Greenhouse Technology, anchored at the trailblazing NOTL campus. A new network for …Continue reading »