St. Joseph’s Hospital

Program Evaluations CHALLENGE St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton has several ongoing recreational programs that are run through their various departments. As a hospital that is dedicated to providing the best quality care to patients, they were interested in having program evaluations completed for their on-site programs. This was a task that would require an external party to conduct site visits to evaluate the programs. SOLUTION … Continue reading St. Joseph’s Hospital »

Kame & Kettle Beer Works

Social Media Strategies CHALLENGE Kame & Kettle is a new brewery located in Fonthill. The owners of the Brewery wanted to ensure that they had a strong social media presence and that they were utilizing each platform effectively, especially before the public launch. With the launch of the brewery taking up all of their time, they were unable to create a social media plan that … Continue reading Kame & Kettle Beer Works »

Haver & Boecker

Marketing Strategies CHALLENGE Haver and Boecker manufactures specialty wire mesh which is used for screening machines, filtration and measurement technology. The company was faced with an opportunity, wherein they have enough wire mesh being made to expand into new markets. Haver and Boecker was unsure of what other types of opportunities existed for their wire mesh and wanted to learn more about new industries and … Continue reading Haver & Boecker »

Mokus Restaurant

Customer Service Audits CHALLENGE As a new Hawaiian Restaurant in Downtown Fonthill, Mokus was looking to improve on its customer service practices and tap into the opinions and reviews of customers. As a busy restaurant with a small staff, Mokus was looking to have a full customer service audit completed both from an internal service perspective as well as online. SOLUTION Students from the Office … Continue reading Mokus Restaurant »

Welland Museum


Web Development Challenge The Welland Museum was under construction and receiving upgrades to its building. During this time period, they realized that it would be a great time to revamp their website as well in order to successfully launch their new facility, but did not have the budget or expertise to complete the redesign. Solution Two students from the New Media Web Design program were … Continue reading Welland Museum »

Trivium Industries

International Market Entry CHALLENGE After having initial success within domestic markets, Welland-based Trivium Industries was looking for a way to continue the success of environmentally friendly cosmetic and pharmaceutical bottles on an international level. Without any direction on which countries these products could thrive in, they required assistance with how to successfully export a product overseas and tap into a new market. SOLUTION Students from … Continue reading Trivium Industries »