Efficient trimming

Project Highlights: Efficient trimming

The WAMIC team recently worked with Airbus Helicopters in Fort Erie, Ont., to develop 3D-printed plastic vacuum fixtures to hold composite helicopter parts, so that a robotic trimming system can be used. Enabling the vacuum, the operator was able to quickly and repeatedly locate the part on the fixture and with full vacuum applied, the part held very securely, particularly near the trim edges.

The fixture pose was constant with respect to the robot coordinate system, while after trimming, the procedure to release the part from the vacuum was equally ergonomic. The fixture was as lightweight as possible, yet stiff enough to not be displaced during the trimming process. The success of this research project included all technologies currently available in our labs, combined with investment in software recently acquired in early 2018. Similar technologies will be applied to Airbus’s painting cell, while a continuation of this project to introduce the robotics and visons systems is scheduled for early 2019, pending additional provincial and federal funding.

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