Ogena Solutions

CHALLENGE: Having the exclusive rights to sell the ‘OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier’ powered by Puraclenz, Ogena requires a go-to-market strategy that encompasses observing the potential size of the market, competitors, and defining their target audience. This information will be used to determine the promotional strategy, including which elements of the promotional mix should be used to reach the target audiences along with the tone … Continue reading Ogena Solutions »



CHALLENGE:   The Research & Innovation division of Niagara College provides real world solutions for business, industry, and the community through applied research and knowledge-transfer activities. Students and graduates are hired to work alongside faculty researchers to assist industry partners in gathering information related to their research query.    Research & Innovation conducts projects with a focus on providing innovative solutions to fill the knowledge gaps of industry … Continue reading VitalyTeas »

Pet food line ready for market distribution

Niagara Pet Nutrition Inc

CHALLENGE: Niagara Pet Nutrition has been working to develop a line of pet food meant for export to the China market. The Covid-19 Pandemic has created obstacles in entering this market in a timely manner and they are looking to better understand the Canadian market to see if pursuing this market would be beneficial. In understanding the landscape of the market, they also need to … Continue reading Pet food line ready for market distribution »

Tailgates Bar & Grill

A Guide For Commercializing a Pizza Sauce   CHALLENGE: Tailgates Bar and Grill is a dining establishment in Welland, Ont., purchased in the fall of 2019 by Ryan Nava. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic multiple shifts in activities have taken place and they would like to commercialize a grocery line, starting with their pizza sauce. Never entering the grocery market before, market research on … Continue reading Tailgates Bar & Grill »

Pilling Foods

Marketing strategy for innovation CHALLENGE Pilling Foods is looking to better understand their target market(s) and to have a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and conversion of sales. Pilling Foods is trying to penetrate the market with natural products using sales strategies through social media. The Business & Commercialization Solutions team at Research & Innovation were asked to look at competitors in the flours … Continue reading Pilling Foods »

Miski Organics

Expanding the marketplace for ‘superfoods’ company CHALLENGE Miski Organics, a family-owned Burlington, Ont. company, sells Peruvian superfoods which are combined with local Canadian-grown ingredients. The company, which does not have an in-house marketing team, was interested in investigating an addition to its superfoods line with products like a cookie mix, a pancake mix, a smoothie mix and a sacha inchi butter, all using foods from … Continue reading Miski Organics »