EcoWool Canada Inc.

CHALLENGE: Recognizing their need for support in commercialization, EcoWool has approached the Business and Commercialization Innovation Centre to support the advancement of their product. There are two ways to support this, the first is to provide the research on the horticultural and agricultural industries, the size of the market, how they make purchase decisions. The second is to support the development of their current B2C … Continue reading EcoWool »

Baylis Farms

CHALLENGE: Baylis farms, located near Smith Falls, Ontario has been cultivating an organic Buckthorn tree farm. The Buckthorn fruit can be used in many different applications including, baking, jams, health products (extracting oil for beauty products) or oil for superfood consumption. Baylis is interested in selling the product to wholesalers, but needs to understand what market will provide the greatest return on investment. Understanding the … Continue reading Baylis Farms »

Deboer’s Foods

CHALLENGE: DeBoer’s Farm is a successful farm selling farm fresh meat products to various retailers. In understanding the current landscape of food and wanting to provide sustainable solutions to consumers, they have developed a proprietary meatless “meat” product. In developing this product DeBoer’s is in need in understanding the meatless meat marketplace and the consumer behaviour associated with it. Wanting to choose a transparent strategy … Continue reading Deboer’s Foods »

Lipa Park

Lipa Park

CHALLENGE:   Lipa Park is an event space launched in 1967 as a hub to serve the growing Slovenian community in Niagara. Lipa Park needs to strategically plan for the future, and with many changes to the membership and the space, they need guidance on how to remain successful for the years to come.  The research team will uncover the landscape of event spaces in Niagara … Continue reading Lipa Park »

Pet food line ready for market distribution

Niagara Pet Nutrition Inc

CHALLENGE: Niagara Pet Nutrition has been working to develop a line of pet food meant for export to the China market. The Covid-19 Pandemic has created obstacles in entering this market in a timely manner and they are looking to better understand the Canadian market to see if pursuing this market would be beneficial. In understanding the landscape of the market, they also need to … Continue reading Pet food line ready for market distribution »

Weekend at the Cottage

From website presence to store shelves   CHALLENGE Weekend at the Cottage is a successful recipe/lifestyle/cottaging website, delivering delicious recipes they create. Having more than 100k visitors per month, they have a captive audience ready to buy goods made by the Weekend at the Cottage brand. Having developed recipes for market, specifically: specialty jams, jellies, specialty preserves, pickles (dill and bread & butter), spice mix … Continue reading Weekend at the Cottage »